7 Riverside Street
Hooksett, NH 03106
Tel: 603-485-3392

▶ Basic Information

Hooksett Village Water Precinct is a public water system providing safe, clean water for drinking and fire protection purposes in the northern part of Hooksett, NH, centered in the historic area known as Hooksett Village. The Precinct's service area currently extends along Routes 3 and 3A, from the Pembroke town line southward to Memorial Drive (near Hannah-Ho-Hee Pond) and from the Bow town line southward to Sunrise Boulevard (approximately a mile north of Route 93, Exit 10).

The Precinct was formed in 1941 and is considered a Village District under NH law. Village districts or precincts constitute a specialized form of municipal government. As such, the Precinct is a limited purpose governmental unit having the same authority and power as the Town of Hooksett with respect to the purposes for which the Precinct was formed.

The affairs of the Precinct are managed by an elected five-member Board of Water Commissioners and supported by three additional elected officials, the Clerk, Moderator and Treasurer. The Commissioners possess the same powers and perform the same duties with respect to Precinct meetings and business, including preparing warrants and running elections, as the Selectmen for the Town do.

The Precinct water system is fed by several large gravel wells located in the vicinity of Pinnacle Pond. The water is disinfected and treated to reduce corrosion at the well stations. From there, the water travels to two storage tanks holding over one million gallons, and through 30± miles of distribution main and thousands of valves, meters and hydrants. In addition, the system includes an emergency interconnection with Central Hooksett Water Precinct on Route 3.

Maintaining this system in working order and in compliance with applicable regulations is no small task. Our team of laborers, licensed operators, dedicated water commissioners and very patient office manager work very hard to “keep the water flowing.” We are very grateful for our customers and we do our best to be responsive to user needs and emergencies.

Please call or stop in anytime with water questions/concerns.

Hooksett Village Water Precinct was the proud recipient of the 2014 Utility of the Year Award for small water systems from New England Water Works Association (NEWWA). The award recognizes a utility that has made significant improvements to its water system infrastructure, customer service, staff training and operations to further protect the safety of its water supplies and the public health of its consumers. NEWWA acknowledged the Precinct’s work to maintain high water quality and reliability, and its capital investments to keep up with the town’s residential growth and subsequent water demands. Recent investments included generators for backup power, wireless security systems, a state-of-the-art well, pump stations, a large storage tank and the beginnigs of an automated metering system.